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Anton's works arrive out of her commitment in reclaiming and restoring discarded plastics in an effort to prove that waste must not be measured by our perceptions of it.


These works are formed from a vast history of emotional symbology. They communicate their meanings through layers of form and color, through shape and movement, through darkness and light. They address the complex relationship and unresolved presence plastic plays in our world.

Herein are the twisted remnants of waste that will linger far beyond their purpose that now reach out as a gesture of defiance in the face of indifference. These personal investigations are conduits of emotional confessions through which flows forms that reveal and conceal a history of consumption. My intention is to respond to this evidence of neglect, that wounds a complicit society without consequence.

Here are my reimagings that reclaim and repurpose the possibilities in all such things mindlessly discarded. They exist in a world saturated with everything and nothing, where value is transitory and global responsibility is put off for another day.

As in my art, as so in myself, I too am formed through these reflective layers by weighing the cost of memory and judgement in order that I may see myself more clearly.

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